Dialwave Wireless

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connections that fit your business.

One SIM for global coverage

With coverage in 135+ countries, your devices get connected and stay connected anywhere in the world.

Automatic carrier switching

Our single global SIM automatically switches between carriers in each country for top performance.

Pricing with volume discounts

Built-in discounts from day one, regardless of your business size and without any monthly commitment.

Reliable connections for devices in every industry.

Easily connect with the most robust cellular platform.

Shared Mobility Platforms
Connecting shared mobility platforms

Keep your micromobility fleet connected using a single SIM that blends multiple networks.

Global Fleets
Connecting global fleets

Get complete visibility into your fleet with Dialwave's multi-carrier coverage that spans hundreds of countries around the globe.

Growers and Agricultural
Connecting growers

Dialwave Wireless ensures remote field sensors stream data — no matter how far they are from wifi.

Payment Processors
Connecting payment processors

Dialwave Wireless provides reliable coverage for point of sale terminals around the world.

Global Supply Chains
Connecting global supply chains

No matter where your supply chain starts and ends, Dialwave keeps it connected.

Industrial Equipment
Connecting industrial equipment

From construction, to mining and beyond, unlock the benefits of predictive maintenance and machine monitoring.

Simple deployments and scalibility for every industry.

Easily scale without contracts, commitments, or subscriptions.

A network of networks

Keep devices connected in the field with Dialwave's network of networks with automatic carrier switching.

Dialwave Wireless supports connections across every technology, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE-M.

We've got you covered

Dialwave SIM cards work in 135+ countries on multiple carrier networks.

Deploy to new countries or with new hardware technologies all through the same global IoT SIM to streamline your IoT deployments.

Simple pricing with no contracts

IoT/M2M connections that fit your business without the hassle.

No plans. No contracts. No commitments. No minimums. No overages. No termination fees. No expiration dates.

Simple deployment and management

All the features to set up and manage connections.

Activate SIM cards, set usage limits, configure IMEI locks, all from one simple interface.

Tiered pricing with discounts as you grow.

Built-in discounts without commitments.

Data UsedCoverageDiscountEffective Rate / MB
250MBUnited States ATT Only2.8¢
500MBUnited States ATT Only21%2.2¢
1GBUnited States ATT Only46%1.5¢
4GBUnited States ATT Only61%1.1¢
8GB+United States ATT Only64%1.0¢
Data UsedCoverageDiscountEffective Rate / MB
250MBUnited States ATT / T-Mobile5.2¢
500MBUnited States ATT / T-Mobile19%4.2¢
1GBUnited States ATT / T-Mobile42%3.0¢
4GBUnited States ATT / T-Mobile60%2.1¢
8GB+United States ATT / T-Mobile69%1.6¢
Data UsedCoverageDiscountEffective Rate / MB
250MB135+ Countries 120+ Carriers18¢
500MB135+ Countries 120+ Carriers11%16¢
1GB+135+ Countries 120+ Carriers19%14.5¢

Get Your Devices, Apps, and Services Talking

Global Connectivity

Carrier-grade connectivity in five datacenters spanning three continents.

Simple Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing. No plans. No contracts. No commitments. No minimums.

Cloud Flexibility

Complete fault tolerance and redundancy for every component ensures you stay connected.

Take the next step. Try Dialwave today. No contracts. No commitments.